It is my mission to provide each and every student with a foundation of the English language. Through out the school year, I will be creating lessons focused on grammar, reading and writing, and listening and speaking. We will be practicing conversational skills and grammatical concepts in order to strengthen communicative skills. Students will be identifying grammatical concepts in context, reviewing those concepts in class, and practicing them through the productive skills of speaking and writing.

Students have been using the Inside series textbooks from National Geographic Learning. Based on the Common Core, this series moves students to grade level performance by engaging them with authentic multicultural content. Phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding and spelling as well as foundational work in reading comprehension, vocabulary, language, and writing are some of the many skills students will be developing as they explore a variety of classical and contemporary literature.

We have also been using Circle-ELL. With this program, your child focuses on developing his or her language skills by participating in discussion based lessons that correspond to the core WIDA standards. Each class, we practice conversational skills in order to strengthen students’ abilities to communicate, which in turn improves their abilities in each of the language domains- listening, speaking, reading and writing. Your child’s acquisition of the material is evaluated through classroom  discussions, various activities, and writing assignments.



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